Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Charming Charleston

Absolutely charming!  I loved Charleston!  And we had more rain than sun during our I can only imagine what three sunny days would be like!

Like all good places, the coffee was totes phenom!  This was from a little french press in a small cafe we found our first morning.

We started the weekend off with a walking tour by Charleston Footprints.  We lucked out as the weather held until the end of the tour and we were able to see the side streets and highlights of Charleston without getting soaked!

We spent the afternoon in our raincoats, having lunch with friends, visiting the market and dodging raindrops before finishing the day at the Black Fedora Mystery Comedy Club.

A small theater run by a married couple with dual English lit degrees, they write and perform their own mystery plays, giving the bulk of the parts to the audience.  We spent the entire evening laughing and trying to solve the mystery of who killed Watson and Sherlock Holmes.  In addition to some witty dialogue, slapstick humor and surprising performances by the audience, there were plenty of funny references to both Charleston and Conan Doyle that made for a well-rounded evening of entertainment.  

The next day we had sun!  After an early Mass, we headed out to Magnolia Plantation and Garden!  The flowers, house and wildlife (including alligators!!) made for a great visit.

Some shots from around town:

boiled peanuts

Rainbow Row

Our final morning we stopped at the Angel Tree on Johns Island.  This 400 year old live oak was HUGE and amazing.  Definitely could have been in Lord of the Rings!

I wish we had more time in this charming place.  Plenty of things to see and do!  Oh well, there is always next time!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crazy 2018

God is doing so much this year!  I'm very blessed.  The book is more than half way written...and I should be working on it now.  I have eight night shifts in the next 11 days so my hope is I will complete the first "vomit" draft in the next two weeks.

I found a cool God-incidence.  I was listening to a lighthouse media CD this past week on my way to Pennsylvania (another whirlwind trip, I went down to see my goddaughter and my sister's family).  The speaker started saying, "Picture this, I was in Rome on Pentecost Sunday with Pope John Paul 2 and it was my 18th birthday..."  She went on to tell about this moment of grace but I was suddenly filled with wonder because I was in Rome, on Pentecost Sunday, on my 18th birthday, with Pope John Paul 2.  And I've said those exact same words...including it was also the year of the Holy Spirit.  What a cool God-incident!  Born on the same date and at the same place on our 18th birthday!  And we both received a lot of grace that day, life-changing grace.  I love God.

I had such a beautiful visit with my goddaughter.  The relationship that God gives between godparents and their kids is unique and such a blessing.  I love that so many of my friends have trusted me with the love of their kids.  So blessed!

Lots of changes coming in my least that is how it seems right now.  God's Will and completely trusting Him.  He is so good.

Ran a 5K yesterday!  St. Patrick's Day run.  My longest continuous run since before Thanksgiving (still coping with my calf injury).  My leg hurts today but I'm grateful I was able to run it!  This rehab is a long, slow process but God knows best.  Just have to be patient!

I feel like God has been working overtime in the lives of my friends these past few months.  I love watching and being privy to the graces they are receiving.  What hope!  God is good.

Monday, March 12, 2018


I just returned from a lenten retreat at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and from visiting the Eternal Word Television Network Studio in Alabama.  Both were started by Mother Angelica (what a spitfire she was!) and continue to reach souls all over the world.  The entire retreat was a blessing! Below I'm including a little photo journal of our time.

Morning run

Hanceville, AL

San Miguel Castle

St Joseph Courtyard

Miniature Jerusalem at the Benedictine Abbey

EWTN chapel, where they film Mass

Broadcasting room at EWTN

Live filming!

Johnette Bankovich


Watching EWTN Live in-studio

Watching EWTN Live in-studio

Watching EWTN Live in-studio

Studio set

Home cooked breakfast!

Cathedral Caverns

Treat night!

Blessed Sacrament Shrine at night

Blessed Sacrament Shrine at night

Shrine during the day

Shrine during the day

Mother Angelica's tomb

We're going on an adventure!

No photos allowed, so pic from a book of the inside of the church

Last sunrise