Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snowy days and Christmas Preparation

I love the snow!  The world blanketed in white, the complexity of a single snowflake, how clean it looks and how quiet the outdoor world becomes.  And today as we receive our third accumulative snow of the year, I am also grateful not to be scheduled to work.  Normally a day like today would make no difference, I would be still be shoveling myself out and heading in.

My options, if I was really concerned about driving in the snow, would be to go in the night before and sleep at work or ummm drive in it.  One of my co-workers tried not going in for the last major snow storm we had and someone in a tank (slight exaggeration) went and got him.  Last year I remember driving home during Hurricane Sandy, the highway completely empty except for me and the rescue workers.  Oh and the hurricane.  So, as you see…not going in: not an option.

But today I have no where to be.  No where at all!  Such a lovely feeling and somehow the snow is that much prettier.  I have all sorts of plans!  I am going to make gingerbread for my neighbors, candy Santa sleighs for my co-workers, do a little cleaning and watch a Christmas movie.  I'll even get on the treadmill...last resort…normally I would go out and run even in the snow!  But with the wintry mix we had earlier this week everything is scarily icy underneath!

And I'm grateful for perfect timing.  Tomorrow is Christmas shopping with my friends' girls.  Yesterday was cookie decorating with almost all the nieces and nephews and then we sang Christmas carols all the way home (my voice is still hoarse this morning!)…love the memories and love the times spent together.  And absolutely LOVE that today there is nothing planned but to stay home and be snowed in.  :o)

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