Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something beautiful

Something beautiful something amazing!  Saw my friend hear for the first time today!!  So beautiful and amazing!!  I wanted to cry but in the end I could only laugh…she was so funny!  The first words she heard were her husband saying, "I love you" and after a pause she burst out laughing, saying "you sound like Mickey Mouse!"  God is so good and He continues to show us.

Today I walked the coast with one of my dogs.  The sun was close enough to the water that it trailed straight toward me.  Everywhere I went I thought, the sun is following me…it is coming straight toward me.  And then I realized what a great parallel this is to my life.  Everywhere I go, the Son is coming straight toward me.  He is not only willing but going out of His way to meet me where ever I am.  I went through such a close time with Him over the past year that now I feel almost abandoned.  But after meeting the sunlight on the beach, I am reminded that He is meeting me, right where I am, right here, right now.

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