Friday, December 6, 2013

The World is Large

The world is huge! And there are so many things to see!  Today I happened upon while browsing for information about the upcoming storm.  One link led to another and pretty soon I was reading about the 33 most dangerous places to visit, frozen lighthouses, and 40 things to do before you die.  The list included things like hiking the Appalachian Trail, running the New York City marathon and swimming the English Channel.  Not exactly a bucket list, but it did name amazing things that human beings can accomplish!

Then I thought about how many people don't have any of those expectations and still live pretty amazing lives.  Couples married for 60 years.  Grandparents who watched multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren enter the world, all because two people came together.  Mothers who watch their sons go off to war.  Dads who walk their daughters down the aisle.  Children who care for their parents on their deathbeds.  First word, first step, first kiss…

Going to have to rethink my "best" list now.

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