Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cumberland Island, Georgia

If you have ever read Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry or a Horse and His Boy by CS will want to go to Cumberland Island, Georgia.  If you were ever the child that watched National Velvet and identified with Velvet, then you will want to make a visit.  It is an island surrounded with white sands beaches, a marshland full of life, an exotic wood full of Spanish Moss, ruins of mansions and most importantly: WILD HORSES!  It is solely accessible by boat and to get around you must either walk or use a bicycle.

I have to say I wasn't nearly as excited about this place when I first heard about it.  Maybe the words "wild horses" doesn't really convey the magic of standing on an empty, white sand beach with the sun and waves on one side and birds and sand dunes lining the opposite horizon.  After hours of running in the waves and searching for shells, you suddenly see in the distance, coming toward you along the edge of the water, a herd of horses.  The male watching as the females come closer, eating the dune grasses and slowly passing by. The smell of the salt water, the cool breeze and the excitement I remember feeling as a child, that sense of wonder: wow, I'm a part of something really, really special.



There isn't much to say when you've lived through a perfect day...picnic lunch, falling asleep on the sand in the sun, watching the sun set on the water...a very special and amazing place!  The world is beautiful and God is so good.

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