Monday, February 24, 2014


Hmmm life is always throwing unexpected curves!  And because my life isn't busy enough with work, jet lag and my sister having complications with her 8th pregnancy....I randomly went out and bought a car today.  And my sister spent the day doing pelvic tilts, playing music, shining flashlights on the underside of her belly and drinking wine (all while on bed rest of course).  Because that is supposed to turn the baby around or make your blood pressure go down or at least make you stop worrying that you have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and are nine months pregnant with a breech baby.

And yes, strangely enough, this is the intro to my I-thou relationship post I warned you about a couple weeks ago.  I have been reading Dietrich Von Hildebrand's Marriage the mystery of faithful love and I love it.  Why?  Because he talks about love as a real and tangible thing...but more than that...a God-given thing.  Honestly, if all I did was listen to the radio or watch TV I would have no idea that love can be real and love can be forever.

Per Dietrich: "Two persons can be united through a common interest,  by facing with each other something extraneous to themselves...this may be called a we relationship wherein the partners remain side by side, in which they walk side by side, hand in hand even."

But then he switches gear...the focus changes: "But two human beings can also turn to face one another, and in touching one another in an interpenetrating glance, give birth to a mysterious fusion of their souls.  They become conscious of one another, and making the other the object of his contemplation and responses, each can spiritually immerse himself in the other.  This is the I-thou relationship, in which the partners are not side by side, but face to face."

Ummmm WOW!  I remember when I fell in love, a myriad of emotions, new thoughts, new experiences and one underlying thought: WHY DIDN'T ANYONE EVER TELL ME THIS EXISTED???  But the truth was, until I fell in love...I couldn't understand, I couldn't know.  I wasn't capable of understanding this love until I actually experienced it.  And before I experienced it, I had no clue I was missing out on anything...rather I thought I loved and was loved.   But never before had something new been created!  When I fell in love with this person it felt like something new now existed, that our love was tangible, was real.

This experience gave me so much hope for the I can't wait to experience the fullness of marital love, the fullness of maternal love and the fullness of eternal love.  Realizing that moment of knowing and understanding brought me to an awareness of how much I STILL DON'T KNOW!  And how wonderful!  Because if this was all: what a limited love life would hold for me!

There was a story I read in high school about a heaven for fish: a clean pond, plenty of food, no predators...but what if a heaven for fish meant they could grow legs? And breathe outside of water?  And love another fish with a perfect love?  I cannot fathom heaven but I rather think that is because it will be so amazing it is beyond me to comprehend it.  And as falling in love has taught me how little I really know about life and has also shown me how beyond my expectations God truly is!

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