Friday, February 28, 2014

Mission experience

No baby yet!  Wanted to share this story with you...from my recent mission trip:

End of another beautiful mission! God is so good. Highlight of my trip: On the second day of clinical a woman came up to me saying "Mum! Mum!" She was pointing to her neck and speaking tagalog. A translator nearby explained that she was showing me a scar from a previous year where we had removed her goiter...I looked closer and could barely make out the scar!

Then she hugged me and told me that she remembered how I had taken her into the operating room and helped her on the table, telling her we were going to pray for a safe surgery...She said all she heard was "Hail Mary" and then she was thing she knew the surgery was over. :0)

Before we left she hugged me again and said she could never forget my face...thanked me again and left me teary and greatful. Definite wow-moment. God is good! :0)

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