Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Waiting Game

      Sooooo the most certain thing about a baby coming is that the baby's coming will be uncertain.  This is the eighth time I have been with my sister as she has gone into labor (well not counting the last one when I arrived home from Mexico, drove straight to the hospital from the airport and she delivered 30 minutes later) and for me personally (counting other sisters and friends) probably the 19th or 20th birth I have attended...and no two have ever been the same!  Or honestly, even similar.  What I've learned in the waiting game is not to expect and not to predict.

      My sister broke her water with her first two before even going into labor.  The next several were contractions, followed by excited visits to Labor and Delivery to be checked, and then back home again to wait some more.  Her last was an induction after she developed PIH and started showing signs of pre-eclampsia.  This pregnancy followed suit with the PIH and a new complication: breech presentation.

    This morning she underwent an External Cephalic Version and now the baby is in the correct position to be delivered.  On the way home from the hospital the contractions began and several hours later they continue to occur every 25 minutes or so.  One of our other sisters just texted me, "She'll have this baby by morning!"  My reply, "I hope so!"  but if worries.  I used to have this sense of anticipation: Let's get this show on the road!  But now I just feel a sense of patient waiting...this baby will come when this baby is ready.  There is no rush and no use hoping for him or her to arrive one minute earlier than he or she will.  Cause honestly: it won't change a thing.

     In the meantime she is rubbing Clary Sage Oil on her belly and resting up.  She's got a big job ahead!  Prayers, please, for a healthy delivery!

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