Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes about dog bones, snow, lent, skiing, airplanes and more...

    Healthy dog bones that take longer to chew may be healthier but they do not take longer to chew.  They do, however, cost more.

    Snow in March is wrong.  If you live in New England.  And you are tired of snow.  And you don't watch the weather channel so when you wake up the day after it is 55 degrees outside to a white world and 16 degrees you walk around like a zombie quoting Narnia, "Always winter, never Christmas." (Picture taken yesterday.)

    Lent is upon us.  I linked to Keep LOVE in Lent at Catholic Bloggers Network.  Check it out...lots of neat ideas and thoughts about lent!

    I am going skiing next weekend in Utah.  Forget what I said about snow being wrong in March.  Snow in New England in March is wrong.  Snow in Utah in March is perfect.  (Sorry, Utah.)

    Because I am going to Utah by plane, I am now up to date on every missing or crashed plane since 1937.  This is because of the law of I am going on a plane so I need to know how dangerous flying is in case it crashes because knowing about how dangerous it is will keep me from crashing.  Most of my friends and family abide by this law, hence why I know about all the crashed/missing planes.

    On a more helpful note I want to share two beautiful lenten daily meditations from Father Barron and the Divine Mercy Fathers in Stockbridge.  They come right to your inbox when you subscribe and take less than 2 minutes to read...but they provide you enough food to meditate all day.  Click above for links.

    And for number seven I will admit that this is my first 7 Quick Takes although I have been reading Jen's and looking at everyone else's for ages (way before I started a blog).  It was fun!  I think I will try it again...some day...

    And now...dum da da dum...Go see Jen!  (Cool!  I got to say that!)

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