Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three million ideas...

...and no time to write!  Off to work in 20 minutes.  I just came from an "induction party" for my sister, hosted by the new baby's future Godparents. Can you celebrate yourself into labor?  I guess we just do things a little crazy here.

  Anyway, this was the nine year olds idea:

A few days ago she told me "I prayed for a whole hour for mommy to have the baby tonight" but no baby was forthcoming...I guess we are learning in miniature the power of prayer and the result of perseverance.

And the reason it is a vena and not a novena, as she explained to me, is because momma doesn't want to wait nine days for the baby to come so they don't want to start a nine day case God wanted them to finish their prayers before He sends the baby.

And we can't be too demanding: he has already answered our biggest prayer!

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