Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So since my marathon in November I have been doing what I term "maintenance" running...only about three miles a day.  With the snow storms continuously piling more and more snow on the roads I did most of this on my treadmill (which I am VERY GRATEFUL to have but honestly...too much time on a treadmill drives me crazy!!) and was reaching a burnout point: running was becoming boring!

But yesterday I started again on the upslope.  I've committed to a 1/2 marathon in April and all of a sudden I WANT to push myself.  It's such a great discovery, this motivation, but what's more: it's a great feeling!  I feel so good at the end of an hour workout when just last week half an hour felt like the end of the world.

It reminds me to keep perspective in life.  Sometimes my prayer life isn't as strong as it should be...sometimes I'm grumpy, negative or just plain anti-social...sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees...but that's gonna pass.  Because every time I have been drawn into the valley, things change and an upslope eventually comes on the horizon.  God is good!

On another note, I went to visit my patient the other day....the one who was so sick the last time I wrote about work...and she was sitting up, talking and laughing with color in her face!  I was so happy.  The last memory I had of her face was as she lay in front of me on the stretcher, pale and not breathing.  Brought me such joy!  God is good!

And on another, totally different note I have been attending the Catholic Writers Conference Online.  No, I am not a writer (as you can probably tell by the quality of this blog!) but I felt strongly attracted to the idea after reading about the conference.  I am learning a lot about writing skills but what is more interesting to me is seeing real authors interact and talk about their trade.  It is striking how unique they are!  Each person is called to share their own story and figure out the best way to present it.  Some use acting skills, some journaling, and some use the writings of others to inspire the words they put to paper.

During one session Mark Shea talked about the difference between real writing and blogging.  The advice he gave really tied in to the responses I received recently:

"C.S. Lewis says 'write what interests you and nothing else.'  A blog is an expression of *your* personality, not of the guy next you.  So if you don't have improv skills, then the measured and careful essay is perfectly legit.  I do those too sometimes, when I have time."   Mark Shea

Do I think I will ever attempt to write something?  Who knows? God is good!

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