Monday, April 7, 2014

It's all downhill from here!

Completed another half marathon yesterday!!  So if this is another then OBVIOUSLY it wasn't my WHY DID I THINK I WAS ONLY RUNNING 12 MILES???  Seriously, until we pulled into the parking lot and saw all the cars with 13.1 and a black circle plastered on the bumpers...I had totally convinced myself I only had 12 miles to run!

Running is a mental sport.  You can run as far as you long as you can convince your mind of it.  And in order to get your mind to go along with your body, there are little games you can"I can do this, it's only half a marathon...remember how painful it was when you went twice as far?"  and "I'm already one mile in!  That's practically one tenth...two miles in!  That's practically a quarter...that hill wasn't steep, it was just a small one...mile 10!  How did that happen?  Only a 5k left!  It's as if I haven't run at all...its just 3 miles and that's it!  Oh wow, down to two...wait that's only 20 minutes left to run...ten minutes...there's the finish line!"

I wasn't sure how this would go...I haven't been able to train up like I wanted to with travel and unexpected I pretty much spent the entire race praising God that I was running!!  And not dying!!  I am so grateful to doesn't matter how I look, how fast I am, or how late I finish: I am grateful for this gift!  God is good.  :o)


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