Friday, May 9, 2014


I have been so edified lately by the people God has placed in my life, my family and friends, and even the BEAUTIFUL blogs I have come across.   After missions, pilgrimages and conferences, I feel surrounded by people responding to Our Lord with their whole hearts.  What hope for the future!

This doesn't mean there are no problems, pain or disappointments!  But rather I am more able to confront and deal with the difficult things of life as I come upon in this moment.  I also feel more called to make myself available to those near me who are hurting, friends and family who are suffering, going through crisis or dealing with tragedy.  Compassion, empathy, love are all gifts from Our Lord.  Walking in Him brings me that much closer to those around me in their suffering.  Praise God, for He is good.

Today my boss asked me to put together a few "salient points" to share about bioethics and what I took from this past conference.  A few prayers would be wonderful as I find a way to share Catholic truth with other doctors and allied health providers without making it obvious that this truth is Catholic!

This picture is from San Giovanni Rotondo   Will share soon how Padre Pio used a most touching and blessed way!

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