Sunday, May 18, 2014


So very tired!  I had the privilege of having my three nieces and their two friends over last night for a "girls slumber party." Four of the five girls were under the age of five!  We had such a, popcorn, movies, nail polish, stickers, cookies, and music from Frozen!  Of course bedtime came all too 8:30 I made everyone climb into bed, say night prayers, and...after multiple rearrangements (including moving the air mattress into the room with the bed and then everyone deciding to sleep on the floor after all)...I finally dimmed the lights and made my way downstairs to get a little work done before hitting the hay myself.

I ignored the giggles and talking, knowing that five tired little girls would probably be asleep before too long.  Then I saw a little red head peak over the stair railing, "Auntie, I forgot to kiss you good night."  "Okay," I said, getting up and meeting her half way up the stairs for a quick good night kiss.  "Now go to bed!"

"I didn't get a kiss either," quickly called four more voices before all the girls were out of the bed, coming down the stairs for goodnight kisses.  After multiple hugs and reassurances, I sent them back to bed and went back to my work.

Then came my niece's crying.  I didn't have to wonder why she was crying, because what she cried was, "I can't fall asleeeeeeeepppp!"  I called her downstairs and put her in my room where she stopped crying and was asleep almost immediately.

Then the others took turns coming out, "I can't sleep!"  "I need water." "I need to use the bathroom." "I'm scared."  "So and so won't stop talking."
"Go to bed!"
"But auntie, I need to tell you something."
"I love you."
Smile.  Tricky little things!

My oldest niece came down, "Can I stay up with you?"
"But I can't sleep."
"Then just lay in bed with your eyes shut."
"Then why does so and so get to?"
"She is sleeping alone in bed by herself.  You can go sleep with her if you want."

Five minutes later she came out and announced she wanted to sleep with the others.

And true confessions: worst part!  When the two friends of my nieces called out that they needed their "medicine" because their legs hurt, I went in my medicine cabinet and found the only children's medicine I had: liquid benadryl.  I gave them each half a teaspoon and they happily swallowed it, thinking it was their medicine (presumably motrin?), and then promptly fell asleep.  

Please don't ever tell anyone!!  I didn't feel too guilty as both were suffering from allergies and honestly...I'm pretty sure it helped with those runny noses!  (And for anyone too aghast...well it is my job to prescribe medication...not too far out of my comfort zone...okay...I was tired too.)

It's clear that no parent would ever be able to regularly take an hour and a half to get their kids to bed and have a functioning life...but for one was pretty comical.  And for this single lady: pretty fun!

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