Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I am not a mother. Well, not biologically.  I do have five God children.  But I've never been pregnant or anything remotely close.  And I do love children!  (And God willing some day I will bear a child in my womb...and raise children in my home with a holy spouse...and then, if I am really blessed, have the joy of I'm not looking ahead...)

Today I worked.  A little girl, three years old, came in with a broken leg.  She screamed, cried and refused to let any one touch her...until I came in with princess stickers...and she let me touch her "boo-boo" and examine where it hurt.  When X-ray came I was back in the room and she allowed me to hold her leg for the picture.  Then she needed a cast and once again, I was the one she let straighten her leg and then splint.  It was such a beautiful, touching experience being the one that she trusted.  

It was almost strange how when I came in the room she looked toward me with trust in her eyes...and at the same time, what a beautiful honor for me!  Little did she know that the one who ordered the X-ray, ordered the shot of pain medicine, or the splint was the same one she was trusting to touch and move her injured leg.  But at the same time, these things were done only for her good...even though they would bring time they will bring healing.

Motherhood is so unique and so beautiful.  We as woman are so PRIVILEGED to fill this role and in so many ways...whether biologically, emotionally or spiritually.  I thought of our perfect mother...she who is queen of our hearts and our lives, the one that we can always turn to with she was completely our Mother at the foot of the cross and continues to be our mother today.  I remember going through a very difficult time in my life and entrusting my heart to her...and how much pain I still underwent...but maybe this is because as my mother she KNEW exactly what I needed to be healed.  Loving Our Lady today, even more on this, her day, Queen of our hearts and Mother of all the living: pray for us!

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