Thursday, May 1, 2014

Once again...blessings...

Still reeling in shock that I was present for the canonization of two Popes by two Popes.  It almost feels surreal.  I keep thinking, "did that really happen?"  And yet it did!  Why God is so good as to bring me there, I can't truly say...but how grateful I am that He did!

In these post-pilgrimage days I have been riding on a sort of spiritual high.  I am jet lagged and caught up in the memory of so many graces and consolations.  The group I went with continues to communicate through text and the resounding theme is: this pilgrimage did not end in Rome...rather it begins the mission Christ gave the Church to carry out His love to the world.  

And so, with the risk of fear and desolation at the beginning of every encounter, I am called to bring His love to those in my daily life...the ones I meet on my journey each and every day.   I have been to work two days now and have interacted with multiple family and friends...I can only hope that the amazing love and joy that I have received will be tangible to those around me, that they are willing to accept that God is real and His love flows for them.

There was significant healing for me on this pilgrimage.  I have learned to trust God in a way that I have never trusted Him before.  I can only wonder where He will lead me from here and I know it will be GOOD.

As I return to my daily duty, I am searching for God's divine will and providence in my life.  I live in hope that the one who IS will continue to sustain me in His love and truth.  How much brighter the future!

Living in love with God tonight.  God's blessings on you all.


  1. What a blessing and how awesome that trip must have been!

  2. Lovely post! What an amazing trip you must have had! We have a love affair, here, too with our Karol, Pope Saint JPII! I can only imagine the beauty of your pilgrimage!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from the CWB fb group:)

  3. Thank you Gina and Chris!! It was amazing! The post before this one has pictures...I guess I'm still assimilating, not sure I will be able to put everything into words!