Sunday, June 1, 2014


It came so quickly!!  How have 34 years passed already??  I remember when I was a kid and I had a piano contest to prepare for.  I was nervous and asked my teacher how old the judges would be.  "Probably in their mid-thirties," she answered me.  "Oh good!" I said, "older people!"

And now that's me: older people!  I remember when I actually turned 30: I felt a huge weight, "I am now old."  After that, it appeared I just became what I am: older.  No one can convince me otherwise!!  My friends in their 40's, 50's, 60's or even 90's laugh and say I am "so young" and act like they have no idea what I am talking about...but I know.  It's the threshold to not...being...young...any...more.  

That doesn't make me not like being old!  Crazy as it may sound, I am enjoying my 30's way more than any other decade of my life (okay, so I only have two others to compare it to).

This flower is a hibiscus. It is from Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square Pa where I went the day before my birthday with my mother and 90 year old grandmother.  She just turned 90 last week!

All the Hibiscus were in bloom. And honestly, in my 30's...I feel that my life is bloom too.  Yep, I'm liking it...and guess I'll just be grateful to God and take each moment as it comes!

This pic I took at the gardens made me think of a line from a country song, "Tossing pennies into the fountain of youth, every laugh, laugh line upon your face, made you who you are today."  

My sisters all married and had children young.  I realize that ironically if God is good enough to send me a spouse and children some day, my kids could be 10 or even 15 years younger than my younger siblings' kids!  Weird!

I wonder what this year will bring!  Desolate thoughts tempt me to think a big fat nothing...but God is good!  And how many wonderful and beautiful things He has brought me already!  On to the adventure!

My special day ended with a birthday party planned and executed by my 9 year old niece and god-daughter.  She not only made and sent the invitations, she made the cake and organized the other kids into making a sign and other decorations (including green H&R Block balloons on the mailbox!)...probably hard to see but the letter 'i' in the sign above is supposed to be me and the word cloud says, "I love bath days!"

Which is 7 year old code for what I really mean: I love birthdays!!

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