Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another trip...

Another trip...I leave in a few hours for Vancouver.  Someone once asked me what I am running from that I continuously traipse off all over the world, always seeing something new?  It's hard to explain what drives me, even to myself.  I'd like to attribute it to my "sense of adventure" (like I'm living the adult life of the kids from Up: "Adventure is OUT THERE!!")  But I'm not sure I can honestly pinpoint it like that.  I know I LOVE seeing new things, how people live, how they think, feel and operate.  I love seeing things related to history or stories I've read.  I love meeting and entering into others' worlds, if only briefly.  And I love encountering beauty.  And quite honestly: I love people.

One of my bigger fears is that I travel for the simple reason that I can't say no...to the allure of certain places, the invitations of friends, or just the opportunities presented by life circumstances.

I think though, at the heart of it all is a desire to please God and do His Will.  With that in mind I find that the pleasure of travel comes from a peaceful flexibility with all situations.  When things go wrong: that is the adventure.  When things are difficult: that is the challenge.  And when there is peace and excitement: that is just as much partaking in what God is asking of me as when I am leaning over low to the ground carrying my cross and feeling each painful step.

I don't foresee myself traveling the globe for the rest of my life.  Each trip, each opportunity, comes as a gift and at each moment I find myself focused on living in the moment: just being.

I recently read a beautiful blog entitled Simply Be.  It spoke to my heart and I wish to share it with you.  God bless you!

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