Monday, June 2, 2014


The king of Spain is abdicating the throne to his son.  The country seems to be welcoming both he and his wife, amidst mixed reviews, with a sense of acceptance.  My 2 year old nephew has been claiming to be Elsa and freezing everyone until this morning when his mother showed him Iceman clips from Marvel Comics.  My nieces continue to sing "Let it go" at the top of their lungs whenever I come over...what is it that opens our hearts to the idea of royalty?  To be a king, queen, prince or princess? 

Hence how much greater the reality is that we are the adopted sons and daughters of the true King.  It is in Him that we can really partake in royalty.  And he is such a kind father.  Today a friend and I talked a long time about suffering and the reason trials come into our lives.  We might not always understand the whys or wherefores but we both agreed that in the moment of crisis we have two choices: either to stay with the King or abandon Him.  Not quite as obviously the choice is also there before us in moments of quiet, peace and contentment: Christ or not.

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  1. The idea of being a princess is just so thrilling. It wakes up the little girl in a woman's heart, the little girl that God longs for us to be so that we will run to Him and throw ourselves in his arms with abandon.