Friday, June 20, 2014

Wine when it is red

Today was such a beautiful summer day!  (Well technically I guess summer begins tomorrow.)  

Cool, breezy but sunny: I realize that I am a New Englander at heart...the heat of Grand Cayman was great as long as I was on the beach or in the ocean... but I can't image walking around in that kind of weather for several months and having to wear clothes.  (And please don't take that the wrong way...I mean real clothes, not swim suit and cover-up.)

I don't have much to say today.  I read a tongue in cheek article by GK Chesterton called Wine When It is Red and then looked up the bible verse (Proverbs 23:31) that he quoted...only to find that his article highlights the blessings of wine but the scripture verse uses the same words to caution against the evils.  I decided to sip a glass of wine while I thought about this.  In conclusion, I've decided they are both right.

Tomorrow is another day.  I will once again demonstrate my artistic inability and attempt to paint another wine-altered masterpiece.  Not sure who I will be gifting this to...poor person! 

Turning off the computer to do something old fashioned now: read a book!

*and no I am not in London today...that's from a different day*

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