Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not to sound bipolar...

"On those days I feel like a failure...on those days I feel I've been failed...I need a savior..."

Tired and hyped up at the same time.  I was called from our main department at the end of a 12 hour shift to overtime at our satellite department for 2 more hours and now I am home and just plain hyped up.  This morning I ran 45min on my normal route and at the end of it found my left ankle HURT.  Another overuse injury I guess.  Getting new shoes tomorrow.  Sigh...hope this heals as quickly as my overuse knee injury!  Ice, ice and more ice. Limp...limp...limp!

So I need to get back to God.  So grateful for his mercy and grace.  So relieved that He knows exactly what I am...and who I am...and where I am going...and why I struggle so much to get there!  My rosary has been half-way completed way too often lately!  Time to really pray...

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