Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Finally feeling myself again after camp!  Wow that took it out of me...we went to bed at midnight and I was up at 6am every day....plus the stress of who knows what that seemed to compound as the week wore on...finally after several full nights sleep, a day on the couch and back to exercising: I am smiling!

This is good because while I was stressed, sleep deprived and emotionally unstable I decided to start looking into mission work...not like my regular mission sets (a week or two at a time) but more long term...like for a year...or two.  Not that I'm impulsive or anything but I went online and shot out some emails and applications to several Catholic Mission Sites...the night I decided I wanted to look into it.  So now I guess I will wait and see if anything comes of this.  If it is God's Will...it will all work out smoothly and easily.  If not...then something else will surface.  And if nothing else surfaces...then I will be content because obviously...this is God's Will.  :o)

*Pic is from trip to Rio for WYD last year

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