Saturday, August 30, 2014


I woke up early and ran this morning.  I have exactly one week until my next triathlon and I am not prepared.  I do have to say that after hiking in the high altitude of Peru I find it easier to run without breathing heavy and in a sense I think this may have increased my endurance.  My breathing, which normally just falls into its own pattern as I hit my groove, seems to be just a bit off...a little less deep and a little less rapid.  This in turn is throwing off my running cadence.  Its interesting to observe these little effects in my body.

I wish I could experience a little bit of spiritual altitude also!  It would make my day to day prayer life just a bit more doable...I think...well, maybe... only God really knows.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Traveling an addicutation

Traveling can be an education.  It can also be an addiction.  Today I bought my ticket to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Trek (NOT GOING TO MT EVEREST BASE CAMP!).  What in the world DRIVES me to keep going, keep seeing, keep WANDERING??  I can't answer that question.  Once again I am off...Peru barely broached and once again...where next?

I am blessed.  I know that.  I have visited enough hovels, shanty towns and favelas to know that.  Last night I saw a drug addict, just discharged from prison, come into my ED and be intubated, receive Narcan and be extubated immediately am I so blessed to not only have my faith but my health and a love of living???  So uniquely blessed and so unworthy.  God, you who know all...lead.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turn Left at Machu Picchu

Four days on the Inca trail was gorgeous and rewarding: Machu Picchu is mysterious and beautiful.  What a funny feeling to stand on top of the world viewing this amazing place: standing at the pinnacle of the sun gate, gazing down as the sun rose on a place I had only heard about...only seen pictures of...for so long only a thought in my mind.

I love to travel and there are many places I want to go.  But honestly, there are very few places that I consciously remember a moment when I thought: "I want to go there."  Machu Picchu is one of those places.  I remember the first time I saw a picture and, not knowing where or what it was, I thought, "That is amazing!  I want to be there, I want to see that."  

To finally be where I had so long wanted to was a pretty amazing moment.  Happy and lovely.  Hiking the challenging trail in high altitude only made it that much better...a personal accomplishment shared with only so many people throughout the world.

We also toured Lima, Puno, Lago Titicaca and Cusco.  I was surprised and delighted to find Peruvian Spanish clear and understandable.  And the Peruvians wanted to speak Spanish with me!  So many of our drivers or tour guides would say to me, "Practicamos!" ("Let's practice!")  I loved it!  Cemented my desire to live in a Spanish-speaking country for a year on mission.  We met so many interesting people and saw so many beautiful things. 

Strangely enough my only stress was getting to Mass...which in a Catholic country sounds strange!  The first Sunday approached and since we had sight-seeing plans in the morning I set out to find a Mass for Saturday night.  After crashing several weddings (apparently August is a lucky month to marry in) I settled into a pew and stayed through the entire first half of one wedding only to discover that I was running out of time.  The next morning I found myself at the Cathedral and arrived just after the readings to attend the latter half of Mass.  Putting these two together...I hope I fulfilled my Sunday obligation!

The second Sunday of my trip I was in Lago Titicaca and managed to make the Sunday night was so sad...I was in the cathedral, they only have 2 masses on Sundays and it was empty.  I was told by 2 different guides that the Andinas (people of the Andes mountains) do not have 2 religions (Catholic and pagan) but rather one religion made up of the two.  It boggled my mind that these people could embrace two religions as true...because if they are both true than neither would be...  But again and again I saw this: the same people who attended the Mass were going to the Sharma and having coca leaves read.  St Theresa of the Andes, St Martin de Porres, St Rose of Lima...pray for us!

And now I am one day post-home arrival.  Still taking in my trip.  My pups aren't here yet so I am alone.  I am still turning over in my mind my experiences and what I can bring home with me and what is left behind.  Life is not clear.  But God is good.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Should be?

Hmmmm another friend texted me today from Venice, Italy (she is on vacation) that she prayed at mass this morning for my future husband to find me soon (I say another because several friends have randomly texted recently that they are praying for this).  My mom, as I mentioned earlier, told me that she is saying a novena to the Sacred Heart for my future husband to find me NOW (emphasis hers, not mine)...can I just mention that I haven't asked anyone to pray for this intention?

I spent the afternoon at a bridal shower for a co-worker.  These kind of events always throw me into "when I get married" surmisals....not sure that is the best thing to spend time and energy on but it is exactly where my mind goes with showers and weddings!

I know God has a perfect plan and a perfect will for me.  He has led me on some pretty great adventures, brought some pretty amazing people into my life, and shown me a lot of love.  Not going to worry or wonder but, well, it would be nice if He heard some of these prayers...and answered them soon!  :o)

Guess it's time to ask God, "Bid me come to walk to you?" on these waters like Saint Peter whose response when he saw Christ was to call out to Him and to ask to be drawn closer.

In order to trust Him I have to climb out of the boat. that what this year long mission idea is about?  Climbing out of the boat? I feel a lot of peace about it so I guess if God wants something else, He'll make that apparent in His time.  Grateful that He is leading the way!

God bless and give you peace!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sacred Heart Novena

So I'm slowly but surely informing my family that I plan to take off for a year.  Today I told my mother, who it turns out, is in the middle of a novena for me to the Sacred Heart to find a husband NOW (her emphasis, not mine) or whatever God Wills to make me happy...and she is ecstatic.  Apparently 16 months doesn't seem that far away after all!  I did send in my application.  They said 2 weeks to get a response and 2 months to complete the process.  If that doesn't bear fruit I will look to another mission but as things stand now...I guess I feel called to something, somewhere for 2016.  Like my mom told me, "You told God yes, so He will take you where He wants you."

One of my co-workers made a big mistake today...and usually when that happens I think, "It could have been me!"  Unfortunately the fear of hurting someone is very real in the medical profession...but it is also a feeling that can ruin your ability to be a savvy and intuitive provider.  I need to place my skills and future in the hands of God (once again) and trust that if someday He does permit me to make a huge life-destroying will be for His greater glory.

I'm heading out of the country again in less than a week.  This time to Peru to sightsee and hike Machu Picchu with a friend.  I am very excited!!  How am I so blessed??  Already making plans to slow it down in 2015 with the travel far only have three trips I've been contacted about...I'm committed to two of them...and I think I'd be wise to commit to not going anywhere else!  

Well...maybe I just mean I will stay state-side and hit up local areas.  :o)  God bless and please pray for the hurting, persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving forward...

I am not sure if I am impulsive or compulsive...but...I made a few steps toward a mission trip in 2016...for like ALL OF 2016.

I talked to a real estate agent who thinks I can get more than my monthly mortgage payment renting out my house.

I talked to my boss who said he'll keep me on per diem so I can come back to at least a per diem job...and if there are any openings when I return I can have that.

I found a mission site that looks like a place I would like to I am filling out the application.

Guess we'll see where this goes!  God's Holy Will of course!  Who knows?  2016 seems pretty far away and yet it isn't, not really!

Oh well not going to do more than go down this path and see where it leads.  You know what they say when you tell God your plans!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Be brave!

I'm feeling a little serious today.  I've been trying to solve people's problems all week (which I get paid for so its kinda necessary) and reading about terrible things all over the world (Africa and Russia and Muslims and no more Christians in towns controlled by ISIS).  I need a little encouragement... I think I will share with you this quote:

Time to pray!  I've been thinking about my desire to serve in the missions on a more full time basis.  I think I will work to put my things in order and attempt this journey in 2016.  The scripture verse that tells of Christ advising the young man not to look back, not to hesitate or even bury his dead comes to mind...but unless I am given a task directly before me, I think I will pursue this course of action.

I hope this decision isn't unduly influenced by a mission trip to India and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land I committed to for 2015.  God's Will be done!  And I am asking what He I guess we'll see where this goes!