Friday, August 1, 2014

Be brave!

I'm feeling a little serious today.  I've been trying to solve people's problems all week (which I get paid for so its kinda necessary) and reading about terrible things all over the world (Africa and Russia and Muslims and no more Christians in towns controlled by ISIS).  I need a little encouragement... I think I will share with you this quote:

Time to pray!  I've been thinking about my desire to serve in the missions on a more full time basis.  I think I will work to put my things in order and attempt this journey in 2016.  The scripture verse that tells of Christ advising the young man not to look back, not to hesitate or even bury his dead comes to mind...but unless I am given a task directly before me, I think I will pursue this course of action.

I hope this decision isn't unduly influenced by a mission trip to India and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land I committed to for 2015.  God's Will be done!  And I am asking what He I guess we'll see where this goes!