Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moving forward...

I am not sure if I am impulsive or compulsive...but...I made a few steps toward a mission trip in 2016...for like ALL OF 2016.

I talked to a real estate agent who thinks I can get more than my monthly mortgage payment renting out my house.

I talked to my boss who said he'll keep me on per diem so I can come back to at least a per diem job...and if there are any openings when I return I can have that.

I found a mission site that looks like a place I would like to be...so I am filling out the application.

Guess we'll see where this goes!  God's Holy Will of course!  Who knows?  2016 seems pretty far away and yet it isn't, not really!

Oh well not going to do more than go down this path and see where it leads.  You know what they say when you tell God your plans!

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