Friday, August 8, 2014

Sacred Heart Novena

So I'm slowly but surely informing my family that I plan to take off for a year.  Today I told my mother, who it turns out, is in the middle of a novena for me to the Sacred Heart to find a husband NOW (her emphasis, not mine) or whatever God Wills to make me happy...and she is ecstatic.  Apparently 16 months doesn't seem that far away after all!  I did send in my application.  They said 2 weeks to get a response and 2 months to complete the process.  If that doesn't bear fruit I will look to another mission but as things stand now...I guess I feel called to something, somewhere for 2016.  Like my mom told me, "You told God yes, so He will take you where He wants you."

One of my co-workers made a big mistake today...and usually when that happens I think, "It could have been me!"  Unfortunately the fear of hurting someone is very real in the medical profession...but it is also a feeling that can ruin your ability to be a savvy and intuitive provider.  I need to place my skills and future in the hands of God (once again) and trust that if someday He does permit me to make a huge life-destroying will be for His greater glory.

I'm heading out of the country again in less than a week.  This time to Peru to sightsee and hike Machu Picchu with a friend.  I am very excited!!  How am I so blessed??  Already making plans to slow it down in 2015 with the travel far only have three trips I've been contacted about...I'm committed to two of them...and I think I'd be wise to commit to not going anywhere else!  

Well...maybe I just mean I will stay state-side and hit up local areas.  :o)  God bless and please pray for the hurting, persecuted Christians in Iraq.

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