Sunday, August 10, 2014

Should be?

Hmmmm another friend texted me today from Venice, Italy (she is on vacation) that she prayed at mass this morning for my future husband to find me soon (I say another because several friends have randomly texted recently that they are praying for this).  My mom, as I mentioned earlier, told me that she is saying a novena to the Sacred Heart for my future husband to find me NOW (emphasis hers, not mine)...can I just mention that I haven't asked anyone to pray for this intention?

I spent the afternoon at a bridal shower for a co-worker.  These kind of events always throw me into "when I get married" surmisals....not sure that is the best thing to spend time and energy on but it is exactly where my mind goes with showers and weddings!

I know God has a perfect plan and a perfect will for me.  He has led me on some pretty great adventures, brought some pretty amazing people into my life, and shown me a lot of love.  Not going to worry or wonder but, well, it would be nice if He heard some of these prayers...and answered them soon!  :o)

Guess it's time to ask God, "Bid me come to walk to you?" on these waters like Saint Peter whose response when he saw Christ was to call out to Him and to ask to be drawn closer.

In order to trust Him I have to climb out of the boat. that what this year long mission idea is about?  Climbing out of the boat? I feel a lot of peace about it so I guess if God wants something else, He'll make that apparent in His time.  Grateful that He is leading the way!

God bless and give you peace!

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