Thursday, September 11, 2014


Well I worked night shift and then came home and slept.  Lovely experience of telling yet another patient they have cancer.  I must trust that this is what God wills for me...but truly...emotionally its hard.

I have family coming this weekend!  My parents' 35th anniversary party is on Saturday.  I am making coconut cream cupcakes and maybe mocha brownies...if I get to them.  Also providing the tang slushies (made with vodka) and baked beans for our cook out.  LOVE my parents.  So glad to celebrate.  So glad that the estrangement of my brother isn't keeping us from getting together.  And so glad that the God, who sees and knows all, is trustworthy to get us through to heaven...when this life seems a bit confused...and short-sighted.  

Reading a lot of fiction right now...lots of books that have been on my shelves for years are getting re-read.  I haven't really read fiction for almost 2 years (something I couldn't enjoy when I was going through my stupid heartbreak) but now I am back to it.  Moderation in everything.  :o)

Just ordered a used copy of Into Thin Air about climbing Mount Everest.  Going to bring it with me to Nepal.  A friend recommended it.  Also planning to bring a blank notebook and my prayerbook.  Ready for some alone time with God.

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