Monday, September 29, 2014

It's 2am...I must be lonely...

But I am not alone.  I returned this evening from a lovely, lovely time in Florida.  I went down for the Catholic Medical Association's conference in Orlando.  I was also able to spend some time with friends before and during the conference.  I was SO BLESSED!  The conference was beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and informative.  I love our faith and am so blessed to work in medicine.  I met SO MANY faithful Catholic physicians from all over the country.  The talks were interesting and beautiful.  We all came together in prayer, participating in the daily rosary, Mass, Divine Mercy Chaplet and perpetual adoration for the duration of the conference.  I met so many devout, Catholic medical professionals...what can I say??  It was uplifting.

I need to be a better Catholic.  That is my take-home point.  We listened for hours about the fight going on in the pro-life movement, the medical and moral effects of abortion and euthanasia, and saw how those who are fighting the good fight practice medicine in this backwards culture of ours.  How important is it to stand and fight?  We only have today.

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