Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

Yeah, I really (REALLY!) thought that I would be in MUCH better shape for this (rapidly approaching!!) triathlon than I probably am.  I say probably because hiking in the Andes threw me off and I'm not sure how much I can do!  Oh goes nothing!  My plan: Go for it and try to enjoy myself along the way.  Also, not complain so much that my partner in crime vows to never race again with me.

I'm reviewing my last triathlon and hoping not to make the same mistakes.  How I wish I had invested in a road bike prior to this!  But obviously...not meant to here I go again on my mountain bike...ready to finish dead last instead of second to last!

Does this really bother me?  No...I mean I had hoped to do better, improve myself...but I am glad just to be able to do this (albeit, I really wish I was doing it better than last time!).  But that's life.  Sometimes we disappoint ourselves.  But I would be even more disappointed if I dropped out and didn't even try.

There are other disappointments that will come (like the surprising hold placed on Bishop Sheen's Canonization) but that's okay.  Because the God who allows problems also has plans...and beyond defeat is victory: beyond Calvary is Easter.  

So I'm not exactly looking forward to this race but it is a stepping stone and I am definitely looking forward to the one that comes after it!

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