Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Persevering in God's Will

I went to confession last weekend and at the end of my time in the confessional I told Father how sometimes I feel so dry...so far from God...and so disinterested in my own spiritual life.  After quite a long time of spiritual lusciousness...well I hate it!  I hate that my rosary has become work and that some days it is only partially said or not even begun.  I miss the little promptings that used to come on my way to the store or home from work to stop for a moment of adoration.  I really miss being suddenly aware that I could make Mass if I stopped by any number of churches at many different hours of the day.  Where did that desire go?

Sometimes the best days are the hardest to stay faithful...life is so peaceful and beautiful that I sit back and lazily look for the pleasures that delight me...and forget that this is not the world I was created for or where I hope to spend eternity.

Trusting that God in his goodness will bring me through this, keeping me aligned with His Will.  I have been told that staying close to the sacraments is a good barometer of faith.  Going to continue to persevere in my stilted, sticky prayer life and hope that God will bring me to him on His terms.  Sounds like a good plan...for now.

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