Monday, September 15, 2014

"There will be silence while you wait."

I called LL Bean today to place an order for some hiking gear.  They have a sale going that and when I attempted to order online the technical difficulties made calling imperative.

After multiple rings, which seemed strange since I was calling a ginormous catalog company...a pre-recorded voice told me that all the people taking calls were busy and that I would have to wait for the next available representative.  And then he said, in a deep voice, "There will be silence while you wait."

And then there was silence.  

And the silence struck me...because when does a hold on the phone bring silence any more? I'm used to hold music, advertisements or the same robotic voice saying over and over "Your call is important to us...please wait for the next available representative."

I'm not used to silence.  Not in my car, not on my phone, not in my job and not in my home.

It's something that I often forget to do... take time to be silent, value silence, be grateful for silence, seek silence.  As I climb into bed at the end of the day, an entire 24 hours will often go by with no more than a milli-second of the stuff occurring.

Why?  Many times I have pulled away from silence.  Because sometimes silence is lonely.  Sometimes its boring.  And sometimes its be alone with God...but only encounter my own fears, inconsistencies, faults and failings.

There is a quote in my living room a friend gave me years ago that reads: "Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God."  

Time to embrace silence and hopefully open my heart more fully for God to enter.  Now how to go about this?

Oh, when a soul is hid in Thee
For what adventure can it yearn
Save love and still more love to learn,
And thus to love increasingly,
So deep does love within it burn?
My God, I pray Thee for a love
That yearns until I see Thy face.
And builds itself a nest above
Within its true abiding place.

~ by St. Teresa of Avila

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