Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weirdness at weddings

Yesterday I attended a wedding that was probably the first wedding I have ever attended where I didn't feel all sentimental inside.  The bride was a friend from work and she was marrying a boyfriend that she lived with.  It was a church wedding but the person doing the reading had no idea when or how to read.  The people responding during mass numbered maybe 10 of the 150+ people there.  At communion there was a mad rush for the front and I could see the woman next to me instructing a younger woman how to hold her hands together so she too could receive communion.

My co-worker looked beautiful but after the wedding she bee-lined it for the sprinter limo to spend "a few moments alone" with her new husband.  There was no receiving line and the reception wasn't scheduled to start for 3 hours.  My work friends pooled together and we walked down to a local pub on the ocean where we chatted and drank.  Then we split up, those of us feeling guilty or rude turning down the invitation of one of the party driving over to one of the couple's beach house for another drink while the rest went to check in early at the hotel for the night.  By the time we arrived a little late at the reception we found ourselves in a hall with an open bar and nowhere to really sit until the reception hall opened half an hour later.

At this point we found our seats and although a few weeks ago I had been disturbed to be told I would be sitting with higher-ups and not my friends...this turned out to be a good thing.  My work friends happened to be the loudest and rowdiest table at the wedding, drinking shots in their hotel room despite there being another open bar right next to our table.  Sitting one table away from them was close enough...and sitting with professionals who are used to being friendly to people they don't know well and making small talk made for a comfortable table. 

So at the end I felt like I had just been to an expensive, fancy party.  The marriage was not the focus.  The bride and groom weren't even the focus.  I wasn't even that excited for the couple.  Strange and thankfully not my usual experience at a wedding.

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