Sunday, September 7, 2014

Worrying works...

Well not really!  But I remember reading a quote somewhere that 99% of the things we worry about never happen.  Which just proves that worrying works!  Just kidding!  Our triathlon did go much better than last time however!  We finished almost 15 minutes earlier and I felt SO much better afterwards, compared to the first one.  

I am so glad I pushed past my fears and apprehensions and made the effort.  I remember at the 30 second warning (before we entered the ocean for the first leg of our race) thinking: in just 30 seconds you are going to begin.  Slow down, take deep breaths and calm yourself.  Time to concentrate.  My next thoughts revolved around buoys and the homestretch before I ran ashore looking for my bike.  As I started the biking stretch...mentally berating my slow as molasses mountain bike...I looked around me and smiled.  The scenery was beautiful, the sky was overcast allowing for cooler weather, and the other competitors smiling, cheering and obviously having fun.  As I transitioned to the run, right along the shore (picture above I took after from the run course), I felt the excitement and joy of nearing the finish line...once again doing something that I never thought I could do.  God is good!

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a super-yummy cupcake from a bakery close to the triathlon...I had coconut cream! Yumsters!!  Now gearing up for the next half this time in my life: my health, seeing the fruit of my labors, fun adventures and beautiful friendships.  Time to focus on being grateful for this moment!  Blessings all!

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