Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fourth Rule

Fourth Rule. The fourth: OF SPIRITUAL DESOLATION. I call desolation all the contrary of the third rule, such as darkness of soul, disturbance in it, movement to things low and earthly, the unquiet of different agitations and temptations, moving to want of confidence, without hope, without love, when one finds oneself all lazy, tepid, sad, and as if separated from his Creator and Lord. Because, as consolation is contrary to desolation, in the same way the thoughts which come from consolation are contrary to the thoughts which come from desolation.

I watched Mom's Night Out last night with my sister and two of our friends...oh yah and her husband sat in with us...I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard for so long...like big gut-wrenching, belly laughs...the kind you can't breathe through because you are laughing too hard.  Maybe it was the movie, maybe the company or maybe the wine...but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  But when it was over I still have a sad pallor over my thoughts.  I worked today.  I have angst about my upcoming trip to Nepal in 2 days.  And I know I am in desolation right now...which makes it all so clear.

God knows exactly what He is about when He permits desolation.  The lies that our heads tell us, the thoughts that fill us with sadness, are so much easier to deal with once they are identified...and rejected.

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