Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I like new posts.

I tried to book a night at the Phantom Ranch in the valley of the Grand Canyon today.  They open up on the first of each month to allow booking an entire year in advance.  I called at 9am.  They had filled up every slot completely and they have no waiting/cancellation list, "because no one ever cancels."  

My friend and I have a great desire to hike the rim to rim trail through the Grand Canyon.  Our plan was to hike down, spend the night, and hike out.  We thought we were planning well enough in advance but apparently not.  Going to have to figure this one out.  From what I've read it is possible to hike the entire 23.4 miles in and out of the canyon in one day.  This may turn out to be our best option.  I just don't want us to be one of the 250 people rescued from the trail yearly.  You can also backcountry camp but I don't know if I relish carrying all the equipment, or frankly, purchasing it.

Received an invitation today to what I know will be a beautiful and delightful wedding in two months.  So excited!  After the last wedding I am ecstatic to attend a Catholic boda between two people who are preparing for a life together that has God as its center.  Also, not being a super close friend of the couple...I wasn't sure I'd make the cut for the invitation list.  So happy to be invited!

Just finished day 2 of 4 twelve hour shifts.  I need to run.  Half marathon coming up in 2 weekends.  Somehow I also managed to promise friends I would watch their 6 children that weekend.  It's going to work out but how tight these next two week's will be!  Sigh I don't know where I'd be without my sister!

Happy Feast of the Little Flower!!  Did you find your rose today?

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