Friday, November 14, 2014

Himalayas DAY EIGHT

I sat alone on the top of a mountain today with God.  I am still in dryness but what a beautiful consolation to feel free to speak to Him although I haven't heard Him speak back.  I recommitted to following His Will in my life and striving to keep His rules and precepts.  Then I went back down the mountain and stopped and sat alone next to a turquoise rushing river to have more alone time.  This time I just sang, an old Amy Grant song that has been in my head since I was probably age 6 or 7, about the Lord having a will and I having a need to be in that will.

From the top of the mountain we could see an ice lake, glacier, and flow of snow.  The lake is a beautiful blue, simply breathtaking.  I'm definitely feeling the altitude but I think because the ascent is more gradual than Macchu Pichu -not feeling it as much, well, so far.

My life is odd.  I am so blessed going from one wow-God moment to the next, one beautiful place to the next, one beautiful friendship to the next.  I was thinking about that as I hiked, as I had that wow-God moment, and yet how many wow-God moments marriage and family life must also afford.  I know there are difficult moments - as in travel (don't get me started on flight delays, holes for toilets or freezing at night!) but the excitement, enjoyment and awe of things outweigh that 100-fold.  I know those moments are peaks and there will be valleys in marriage but looking at the peaks around me, I think it must be worth it just like hiking to the top of these over-looks are.

Hence why I have recommitted to God's Will.  Because I don't know everything (I'm not even sure what we are doing after lunch) and I definitely don't know what's best (I'd be married to a temperamental Spaniard who was always gone if I had my way) but as my guide said today when we were talking about the future of our respective countries, "We don't know but God knows."

So altitude is a very real thing.  And oxygen is not over-rated.  After lunch we hiked up the opposite side of the valley to a bunch of shrines.  It took an hour with my stopping to catch my breath every 20 ft or so.  Views were worth it though!  On the way down I watched some men "sacrifice" a goat.  First they poured water over its head and then yelled and chopped off the head with an axe.  Violent.

Dinner was pizza.  Altitude has put a serious damper on my appetite.  The idea of spicy foods leads me to feel nauseous, so I'm succumbing to western style.  Another weird effect of the altitude, especially when I'm hiking, is tingly fingers.  

Today I went to the Himalayan Rescue Association Clinic.  It looks like a mission site.  I looked in the exam room and they have O2 but didn't see anyone around...well except for some dogs.  Apparently there is a talk every day at 3pm but I missed it.  Not exactly disappointed.  In total we did about 4.5 hours of hiking today as part of the acclimatization process.  Not too shabby for a rest day.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as we were able to leave our packs behind.  Also my guide doesn't rush, is funny and disappears from sight whenever I reach the top so I have had as much alone time with God as I could desire.  

How am I so blessed?

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