Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I guess it's a good sign that I am so teary now that my journey has reached its end.  I left beautiful Pokhara by tourist bus early this morning.  I arrived in Kathmandu and then hit my hotel a little after 3.  Said goodbye to my guide and tried to put into words my gratitude...sometimes words are so limiting!  My trek has finally come full circle and even though I look forward to the city tour tomorrow: my true purpose in coming is done.  

I loved every moment (in retrospect!) - even the cold and mountain sickness...I wonder if there is a word for "I don't want to go home, I want to keep hiking with breathtaking views and interesting people for another three weeks"?  Probably not.  Not in English and not in Nepali.

In my head I know I should be tired but physically I have felt so good that I probably could go a bit longer.  Strangely I wasn't even achey after our ten hour trek over the pass.  Once again a huge THANK YOU to my triathlon/marathon training partner because I'm sure that's a huge reason why: our training together!

I'm getting ready to shower (dusty day driving with open windows) before finishing Into Thin Air.  Only a few chapters left from when I originally started (both the book and this trek) but now that I've seen these mountains, hiked them and fallen in love with them I wonder if the experience will be different.  I rather think it will.  Namaste!

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