Saturday, November 15, 2014

Himalayas DAY NINE

Dinosaurs.  That's what three little old Nepali men told me the noise from the yaks was caused by.  Definitely agree it could be!

I'm sitting on the side of a mountain on the roof of a tea house overlooking a panorama of the Annapurna range: Annapurna II (7937m), Annapurna IV (7525m), Annapurna III (7575m) and Gangapurna (7454m) while I sip lemon tea in the sun.  There is a table of Russian guys behind me.  Our guides are friends so for several days we have hiked beside each other.  Today is the first day they have talked to me directly.

I LOVE not having any decisions to make!  I realize that not having control or responsibility (or maybe relinquishing it completely to someone I trust) brings me much peace.  I am pretty sure that this is something God has been showing me again and again on this trip.  It starts with "don't worry!" and ends in peace.  

My guide will be surprised - this is the longest break I've ever taken but also the loveliest place we've stopped while hiking.  Random thought but I can see why so many people have worshipped the sun in the past...with its warmth, light and cheer!  How it transforms the earth!  So glad that instead of worshipping it I know the God who created it!


"My Jesus, if you want me, cut the fetters that keep me from you."  St Philip Neri

Shorter hiked today but after lunch (yak chilly - very good! and apple pie) I headed up the mountain beside the village for a good 2 hour hike.  These extra hikes make for some sound sleep - not to mention the views!  As we climbed it became cold and dark clouds descended over some of the mountains - snow.  Needed to remind myself that snow and a blizzard are two different things.  My guide is not worried about the weather and I since I doubt he wants to die in a blizzard I'll just trust him and God.

I met a solo-female trekker from Italy today.  We talked over lunch.  It was lovely.  And I met an eclectic group of canadian, armenian, aussie and americans, first trekkers from the US that I've encountered.  I also met a lady from Slovenia.  Her country is near northern Italy/Croatia region...she said there are only 2 million people in her entire country!

I love meeting so many people from other countries.

Oh and the cutest show went on as we climbed the mountain.  Looking down in the valley we saw this little puffy black and white dog barking and coming head to head with a huge yak.  The yak would back off and leave only to return from another direction, restarting the battle.  I laughed every time.

Afterwards I took a bath from a bucket of hot water.  Its too cold to wash my hair but so nice to have everything else clean!  I guess there are only three days left of hiking.  I cannot fathom how the time has flown by so quickly except to say that each moment (well maybe not the freezing cold) has brought me the delight of living in the moment and how quickly these moments supersede each other!

Another random contribution: I keep stopping on the trail, turning in a circle taking in everything around me and thinking, "HOW am I even here?  How did I get into the middle of the Himalayas in the middle of Nepal surrounded by people from all over the world?"  Must be God.

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