Thursday, November 13, 2014

Himalayas DAY SEVEN

Awake before dawn again, but it is nice to lay in a warm sleeping bag when its so cold out~  Staying in the busiest lodge yet - Russians are friends now that everyone else is a stranger.  Met a nice couple of Germans last night.  One went to the University of Arizona.  It is amazing to me how almost everyone speaks English here.  Makes my life very easy.  Not a morning person (even in the Himalayas)...will write more later.


I just finished writing to ask my parents if they would be very upset if I grew up to be a Himalayan trekking guide.  Today's hike was the most beautiful of all.  How my heart sang as I walked through to Manang this morning!  Now we are at the acclimatization point.  We are staying an extra day before heading towards the pass.

My guide swears he has never had a 'tourist' (as he calls us) get altitude sickness, but I guess there is always a first.  Tomorrow we'll do some easy local treks to prepare.  I've already walked around town.  Much fancier here - you can get yak burgers and there is a bakery and movie projector house.  So far I've had chocolate cake and a coconut cookie.  No I don't have a sweet tooth.  :o)

I had this great thought today while hiking but I can't for the life of me remember it.  Oh well.  There is laundry service and I can charge my phone!  Its the little luxuries, it really is.  Now for a toilet seat.


Ouch!  Feeling the sunburn tonight!  Face but especially the back of my neck.  I spent the last couple of hours resting and reading.  They are selling "Into Thin Air" (I left my copy in Kathmandu) but I don't really want to buy a second copy just so I can finish it.  Besides, I left at the crux of the story, just as the storm finished, so I kinda wanna read the end after the crux of my trip is over. 

There are 2 hikes planned for tomorrow...not sure if my enthusiasm is annoying or not but my guide is awesome about it.  I think if he (who happens to be carrying all my stuff) didn't tell me to rest then I wouldn't think to stop until I passed out.

There is a huge range of mountains spread out in front of me.  Looking backwards  we have passed Annapurna II and sit at the foot of Gangapurna.  Annapurna I, the 8000+ meter mountain we won't see until we fly from Jomsom to Pokhara.  See?  I'm learning my Himalayas!

For the record ginger-lemon tea is my new favorite.  Nepali take on european and mexican food?  Not so much.  I still need to try Daal Bhat which is pretty filling.  Maybe at a lower altitude?  I hope slower digestion doesn't result in greater caloric absorption!

I'm not even sure how many days are left of my trip.  My last day was supposed to be free but the agency proprietor assured me I could make up the Kathmandu city tour.  And supposedly I have a Nepali cooking class the day I fly out, but we'll see about that.  This trip is just flying by - like all good trips do.  Its good for me to be alone with God but I realize for all I value solitude: I really am not a loner.  Meaning I like people, what they think, have to say, how they tick, and what makes them who they are.  I makes me more cognizant of how blessed I am to have my friends and family.

There are some PRETTY GREAT PEOPLE in my life.

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