Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Himalayas DAY SIX

I'm used to looking out at the ocean and seeing the power, vastness and beauty of God.  I find that same awareness here in the mountains: their height, beauty, and quickly changing faces all turn my heart towards their creator.

Today I ate one of the freshest apples I've ever had at an orchard randomly placed along the trail.  

Herds of yaks keep passing by as I sit in the sun awaiting my guide after a delicious potato curry and apple pie.

I love this place.  I've already decided which river to take home.  My guide tells me Nepal has over 6000 rivers so they shouldn't miss one.  Still figuring out which mountain.  There are a lot to choose from.  Off to an afternoon of trekking!

I realize I could sit and stare at the mountains for hours.  This was true in Greece when we went to Meteora.  My favorite part of that entire trip was sitting outside the hotel on my balcony watching the light play on the mountains.

Right now I am in Lower Pisang where we will stay the night.  It is at the foot of Annapurna II and on the opposite hill is Upper Pisang and a Buddhist monastery.  We trekked all the way to the top where there is a monastery to look around.  Surprisingly we arrived ahead of the crowds and had the place entirely to ourselves...well the monks were there.  Then I turned around and saw this beautiful vista of the mountains, not available from Lower Pisang.  Of course my lofty, meditative thoughts burst forth: "You do good work, Lord!"  But I think he knows how much deeper I was touched.

As I walked around the temple, shoeless, I felt a certain respect for people who truly believe their faith and can not know differently.  At the same time I felt an over-whelming love for who God is and my Catholic faith.  My guide is hindu and we talked on the way down about how the hindus do not eat cows (which they worship), yaks or pigs.  He hasn't asked anything about my faith.  I wonder how much a Nepali knows about Christ?

My lodging for the night is bigger than usual and full of french people.  Its also shared toilets and showers.  I realize how lucky I've been so far to have private toilets all along!  My room is cold but not like the last two nights.  Still no update on possible storms but tomorrow we should find out in Manang.  I did see some dark, ominous clouds come over the Annapurna range today but all is sunny (as of sundown this evening) here.

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