Monday, November 10, 2014

Himalayas DAYS TWO & THREE

Wow Nepal is unlike anywhere I've ever been.  I managed to arrive on a holiday without my luggage.  Which means no trek tomorrow.  It is what it is.  The guide I will be having met me at the airport.  A nice kid.  Another young guy drove us through a city reminiscent of the Philippines only full of people in indian garb with colored powdered-dots on their foreheads (the guide and driver both have them "because of the holiday") and loads of facial jewelry.

The owner of the agency met me at the hotel.  A very nice-seeming gentleman.  He said tomorrow he and I would go to look for the luggage at the airport.  Trusting God because this seriously throws a loop in our plans.  I was supposed to head out early tomorrow morning.  Not super keen on being in the city but God put me here for whatever reason.  Just have to take one day at a time.

My hotel is on a busy street full of shops and tourists.  I've no desire to venture out tonight.  Honestly - I don't want to shop or people watch.  I just want to get out in the open and hike.  But God knows best.  Going to be well rested for this trip - that's for sure!

Grateful for hot showers as I'm sure that won't be a luxury until I return to Kathmadu.

As I was being driven through the city I thought how crazy it was to be on the other side of the world in a poor country, driven by strangers (who didn't introduce themselves) to a strange hotel with no luggage and be able to laugh about it.  That is grace.

I do have wifi here but its funny how that brings me too close to home for now so I don't want to use it.

And definitely the theme of this trip is "don't worry."


This trip gets stranger and stranger.  I feel like I'm along for the ride.  The agency owner called last night and said my luggage arrived on a late flight and he would bring it at 9 this morning.  I awoke at 5am with my not so friendly, monthly visitor (ugh) and read "Into Thin Air" until 6:30 - effectively giving myself plenty of thoughts to freak out over!  So glad not to be heading to Everest!

Breakfast was gorgeous - on the roof of the hotel with the tail end of the sunrise climbing over the surrounding mountains.  I sat in a window on pads on the ground, cross-legged, while enjoying the beautiful view and a ginormous breakfast.  The feeling of awe accompanying the moment psyched me up for this trip!

A lovely family with two small boys ate nearby.  British accents, I loved the interchange - that is my dream, to travel with a family some day.  They are off to India today after trekking with my company.  They gave me a 5 star review of the company and its owner for which I am very grateful!

I met with the owner after breakfast.  He informed me the luggage office doesn't open until 10am and he will be back to the hotel with my stuff by 11:30 at the latest.  Apparently the guide is carrying all my stuff in his rucksack - just the 2 of us hiking.  He seems like a nice, respectful boy.  Not worried at all which I've mentioned before is a grace.  We are going to continue the trek as planned and for this I am exited.  Everything is so unexpected - I feel like I'm riding the whim of God but I know it is the will.

Going to read the Mass readings and prayers before going out to see the shops.  Everything is supposed to be closed today for the festival but it will be good to stretch and look around.  Everyone is so friendly here - I begin to feel like one of the the single mid-30s heroines Agatha Christie so often described in her mysteries.  Nice to be old!  But still young.

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