Saturday, December 13, 2014

Absolutely not ready...and mousetraps

I have this problem EVERY YEAR!  Christmas is almost upon me and I have not done anything except well umm, nothing.  I did watch Die Hard tonight (is that one word?) for the first time...I had no idea it was a Christmas movie.  There is a lot of swearing for a Christmas movie.   

I have exactly three days to get everything together for my sister and her family (who live farther away) as we are all getting together later this week.  And I should REALLY get my parents and siblings and their families' things together in the mail before the end of this week.  Yah, really, I should.

Not stressed about it.  Thirty-four years so far and Christmas always gets done.  :o)  I am a little stressed by mice and water heaters.  That's because I went down to my basement this morning to discover two things: one was a puddle around my water heater...and the other was missing mousetraps which means that there are right now three mice running around with mousetraps attached to them or maybe one mouse with three but anyway you slice it: the mice have now run off with three traps.  These super mice are a bit creepy and quite frankly I find this latest antic disturbing.  Today I bought the kind of traps I used last year with success and set them out...hopefully I will catch a mouse tonight with three other mousetraps attached to him.

Blessed to have the next five days off from work so I can prepare for Christmas.  I also hope to get in my first ski of the winter but that depends on the water heater and the plumber's schedule.  Honestly, the biggest hardship of being single (for me) is dealing with plumbers and auto-mechanics.  I inevitably feel taken advantage of.  I know it's all in my head...but there it stays regardless of my common sense which doesn't seem to be able to talk myself out of it.

On a positive note I was able to send out Christmas cards!!  And tomorrow I am going to dress up like Santa and run 3 miles!  :o)

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