Sunday, December 21, 2014

My life isn't perfect, but it is beautiful...

Living in the moment right now and soaking it in...I've had such a lovely weekend!  It started off yesterday with a run and making cookies with a dear friend that I've come to know this past year and her kids followed by cleaning my house before heading to a work party at a work friend's house.  It was generally agreed that this was the BEST work party we've ever had.  

This morning my sister's text woke me up reminding me of my nephew's Nativity play that started in 15 minutes.  I arrived 5 minutes late. Then my nieces and nephews helped me load my car with chairs before I raced to Mass, arriving 5 minutes late.  Home and I was unloading 13 chairs by myself and preparing for the annual Christmas ladies ornament and cookie swap...which my mom and a dear friend began 16 years ago and which continues at my house with...get this: 32 women this year.  

Just so ya house is small.  Of course I was out of coffee, my coffee maker broke, I don't own a teapot and I was low on hand soap...which I discovered just hours before the party began.  Thankfully friends came through and all was carried off successfully...even down to Kahlua and Bailey's for the coffee and hot chocolate.  The yankee swap for the ornaments lasted two hours and by the time everyone left I was exhausted.  I returned a call to my parents, ecstatic to find they had enjoyed their afternoon at a live show with tickets I gave them last August for their anniversary, before reaching out to my pseudo-grandmother and another friend who missed the party via I'm waiting for my chicken parmesan to cook while I enjoy my solo in the moment...loving this season...and so happy Christmas is around the corner.  I am so blessed and God is so good.  :0)

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