Monday, December 15, 2014

The Mouse Chronicles

Okay so I know Advent is upon us and Christmas is almost upon us and I have a myriad of topics I could write about...but I have to tell you about these mice!  Today I found a mouse dead with *JUST HIS HAND STUCK UNDER THE TRAP* so how in the world did my other traps disappear?!??  I am very scared to entertain the idea that maybe I have more than a mouse living here: maybe I have a rat!?  AAACCCKKKK....kerplunk (that was me fainting).  The other trap I set was completely untouched.  Either the super mice are getting smarter or I have just killed off the dumb ones.  

I doubt this is the last mouse since I woke up around 4am and heard them in the rafters again.  I might need to move.  To a world that doesn't have rodents.

Plumber is coming tomorrow: yay!  I went skiing today: yay!!  Had a great owned place with wicked nice, friendly people.  I took a refresher lesson before going out on my own (my last ski trip was basically my first) and am SO GLAD I did!  I learned parallel turns, to always face down the mountain and most importantly: that I can do this.  Confidence is so key to any endeavor!  Whether athletic, academic, spiritual or relationship-wise!  Confidence in God and confidence that it can be done!

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