Monday, January 26, 2015

Making decisions...

So sometimes the big things in life are much bigger when you are actually doing them than when you are just, um, thinking about doing them!  I called and listed my house today.  The lady will be out next week for an inspection and hopefully will tell me all the things I need to know: like if my house is rentable or not and how much it will take to get it there.  God's hand is on this though...I found out about renting to Navy Housing via the realtor that my mom met when my sister's dog disappeared for several days.  Super nice and knowledgeable, we all met this past weekend to discuss selling my parents' house.  She gave me the website and here, two days later, I'm registered online and already have an appt to get my house on the renters market.  So God's Will...going with it.

We have another New England blizzard flying in for a landing this evening.  Another historic storm.  Think I'll fill my bathtub with water this time.  Not having water with Irene or whoever several years ago for 9 days was a bit too much.  And the year before last with Nemo, it helped.  I'm going into work tonight to sleep so I don't have to drive through the aftermath tomorrow morning when I'm on duty.  Essential personnel...ugh.  I still remember being the only one on the highway during Hurricane Sandy with trees bowing to the ground on either side as I drove home from the hospital.

And so it journey towards a year of mission and the great blizzard of 2015!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dog sitting

I'm dog sitting this week.  Friends of mine went to the March for Life.  And with perfect timing the "Republicans muscled broader restrictions on abortion" the verbiage.  I spent the day with co-workers at a mandatory leadership development conference...I am not meant to be a leader.  I spent the entire day wincing...first with pain then with that feeling you get when someone makes a bad joke.  

I can't help but resent an institution that presents moral values as something new that they discovered and are promulgating with the intention of making us better employees.  I only wish I had taken Christian values, given them buzzwords, and sold them to a million-dollar corporation sooner.  We even had a conversion.  

The end goal?  To be better employees...with complete loyalty to our company.  If only the respect they show us wasn't contrived...if only I walked away feeling inspired rather than manipulated!

God, I am so glad that you are IT and not us.  Amen.  :0)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Still a man in need of a savior

I spent all day yesterday (at work) trying to be nice to people but definitely NOT feeling nice.  Sometimes I think its a funk, sometimes concupiscence and sometimes just me but there are days when I don't like being nice to people!  Isn't that terrible?  

But then at Mass this morning, as all my faults and failings came crowding into my mind, I was comforted by the thought: I am not the source of my own goodness.  I'm not going to be perfect, especially when I am striving for it on my own.  All the good things in my life, including and/or lack of certain personality traits and the ability to be nice to people...are from Him.  In the exact amounts that He knows I need.

That doesn't mean I don't means that after I try and fail...I get to try again.

And I still need a savior.  Each day.  At each moment.  Cause I'm gonna continually mess it up.  And He's going to continually be bringing me around...again and again and again.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finding new home

So I woke up feeling pretty desolate this morning...its -4 degrees and I couldn't run outside...getting up early on a day I'm not working and have no plans didn't between over-sleeping, coming off two crummy shifts where I spent all day going from seeing 50 million patients at once to none for several hours left me pretty burnt.  

In between cascades of stupid complaints (really, you would not believe what some people come to the ED for) I surfed travel blogs which IN RETROSPECT is the dumbest thing to do when you are on a travel fast.  I woke up feeling like I have an entire year stretching before me with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to.  I even contemplated getting a second job, just to keep busy...besides, the purpose of this travel fast is to save up money to be able to take next year shouldn't I try to put aside more money?

In an effort to shake off these crummy thoughts, I am making plans and bullet-punching them I can have some goals and remember that I don't NEED to travel (confession: Hi, my name is Taking the Adventure and I am a travel-addict).

  • Cooking: I enjoy cooking.  I just never make time for it.  This year I am going to branch out and try making some new things (many which I KNOW will be a major fail!)  Starting today I am going to try two Indian dishes.
  • Racing: With all this time committed to being home, I finally have the time it takes to commit to training.  Barring injury, my goal is to do an olympic triathalon in the spring and then a half-ironman in the fall followed by a marathon a month later.  I know this is auspicious but the thing that I need the most to be able to carry this out is TIME...which I should have in spades this year!
  • Travel: Okay I know said I'm on a travel fast but I still have two international trips planned (as opposed to one a month...really, this is hard for me!!) and I'm super-excited about them!  Also I have a work conference to schedule and hope to make that into a trip that includes Yellowstone or Yosemite so that is another trip to look forward to!
  • Writing: I have wanted to write a book my entire life.  I think I'll make a commitment to trying this year.  I bought a "How to" book at the local used book store last week.  Don't laugh.  :o)
  • Prayer: Maybe this should go first!  But I know I need to continually re-commit to prayer and spiritual reading...going to participate in a Bible study and whatever comes after that.  Faith is a journey of its own.
  • Trust: This stems from the previous thought.  Every time I step back and abandon all worries and concerns to Christ I have peace.  So that's my goal for this year: abandon everything to Him.
Wow, I think this list could get really long.  But I feel better now.  Thanks and here's to your own adventure!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So it's a new year!

And I'm making plans!  So far, they all seem to be back-firing or messing up.  I submitted all my paperwork for a visa to India so I can go see Mother Teresa's order in Calcutta this visa came through only to expire the month before I am supposed to go!  So I'm resubmitting for a year long visa and have a premonition that because I already have a 6 month one they won't be releasing a different one to me...and hence...I won't be going.  But God's Will!  He knows what is best.

I am also making plans to run a marathon this year.  I found a neat one in New Hampshire that has a lot of down hill, goes along the ocean and finishes with beer!  And then this year they decided to make it into a half marathon there goes that plan.  My sister, her friend and my friend are all planning to run this marathon too so now we need to find another that we can all agree upon.  Once again, God's Will!  If it is meant to be, it will work out.

I went to a good, old-fashioned Epiphany party thrown by a friend for her friends and families' kids yesterday.  Everyone dressed up in costume and put on a nativity play, then her father who played Herod had a change of heart and became santa, handing out gifts to all the kids from Jesus.  The lady who gave the party is one of 12 children and said that this is how they had celebrated Epiphany since she was a little girl.  It was pretty neat and the kids loved it.

We got our first snow of the new year here last night.  It's pretty much gone today but it sure does help with  feeling winter has finally arrived.  Our Christmas was warm and rainy...not the norm for New England!

In searching for a marathon nearby this fall I found one to add to my bucket list: there is a covered bridge half marathon in Vermont that usually sells out within a week of opening (hence closed this year) but looks to be SO beautiful!!  Who really knows what will come next?  My plans are always a loose outline because regardless of what I set my mind to doing, God changes it and usually makes it much much better.  :o)