Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dog sitting

I'm dog sitting this week.  Friends of mine went to the March for Life.  And with perfect timing the "Republicans muscled broader restrictions on abortion" the verbiage.  I spent the day with co-workers at a mandatory leadership development conference...I am not meant to be a leader.  I spent the entire day wincing...first with pain then with that feeling you get when someone makes a bad joke.  

I can't help but resent an institution that presents moral values as something new that they discovered and are promulgating with the intention of making us better employees.  I only wish I had taken Christian values, given them buzzwords, and sold them to a million-dollar corporation sooner.  We even had a conversion.  

The end goal?  To be better employees...with complete loyalty to our company.  If only the respect they show us wasn't contrived...if only I walked away feeling inspired rather than manipulated!

God, I am so glad that you are IT and not us.  Amen.  :0)

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