Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finding new home

So I woke up feeling pretty desolate this morning...its -4 degrees and I couldn't run outside...getting up early on a day I'm not working and have no plans didn't between over-sleeping, coming off two crummy shifts where I spent all day going from seeing 50 million patients at once to none for several hours left me pretty burnt.  

In between cascades of stupid complaints (really, you would not believe what some people come to the ED for) I surfed travel blogs which IN RETROSPECT is the dumbest thing to do when you are on a travel fast.  I woke up feeling like I have an entire year stretching before me with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to.  I even contemplated getting a second job, just to keep busy...besides, the purpose of this travel fast is to save up money to be able to take next year shouldn't I try to put aside more money?

In an effort to shake off these crummy thoughts, I am making plans and bullet-punching them I can have some goals and remember that I don't NEED to travel (confession: Hi, my name is Taking the Adventure and I am a travel-addict).

  • Cooking: I enjoy cooking.  I just never make time for it.  This year I am going to branch out and try making some new things (many which I KNOW will be a major fail!)  Starting today I am going to try two Indian dishes.
  • Racing: With all this time committed to being home, I finally have the time it takes to commit to training.  Barring injury, my goal is to do an olympic triathalon in the spring and then a half-ironman in the fall followed by a marathon a month later.  I know this is auspicious but the thing that I need the most to be able to carry this out is TIME...which I should have in spades this year!
  • Travel: Okay I know said I'm on a travel fast but I still have two international trips planned (as opposed to one a month...really, this is hard for me!!) and I'm super-excited about them!  Also I have a work conference to schedule and hope to make that into a trip that includes Yellowstone or Yosemite so that is another trip to look forward to!
  • Writing: I have wanted to write a book my entire life.  I think I'll make a commitment to trying this year.  I bought a "How to" book at the local used book store last week.  Don't laugh.  :o)
  • Prayer: Maybe this should go first!  But I know I need to continually re-commit to prayer and spiritual reading...going to participate in a Bible study and whatever comes after that.  Faith is a journey of its own.
  • Trust: This stems from the previous thought.  Every time I step back and abandon all worries and concerns to Christ I have peace.  So that's my goal for this year: abandon everything to Him.
Wow, I think this list could get really long.  But I feel better now.  Thanks and here's to your own adventure!

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