Monday, January 26, 2015

Making decisions...

So sometimes the big things in life are much bigger when you are actually doing them than when you are just, um, thinking about doing them!  I called and listed my house today.  The lady will be out next week for an inspection and hopefully will tell me all the things I need to know: like if my house is rentable or not and how much it will take to get it there.  God's hand is on this though...I found out about renting to Navy Housing via the realtor that my mom met when my sister's dog disappeared for several days.  Super nice and knowledgeable, we all met this past weekend to discuss selling my parents' house.  She gave me the website and here, two days later, I'm registered online and already have an appt to get my house on the renters market.  So God's Will...going with it.

We have another New England blizzard flying in for a landing this evening.  Another historic storm.  Think I'll fill my bathtub with water this time.  Not having water with Irene or whoever several years ago for 9 days was a bit too much.  And the year before last with Nemo, it helped.  I'm going into work tonight to sleep so I don't have to drive through the aftermath tomorrow morning when I'm on duty.  Essential personnel...ugh.  I still remember being the only one on the highway during Hurricane Sandy with trees bowing to the ground on either side as I drove home from the hospital.

And so it journey towards a year of mission and the great blizzard of 2015!

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