Sunday, January 4, 2015

So it's a new year!

And I'm making plans!  So far, they all seem to be back-firing or messing up.  I submitted all my paperwork for a visa to India so I can go see Mother Teresa's order in Calcutta this visa came through only to expire the month before I am supposed to go!  So I'm resubmitting for a year long visa and have a premonition that because I already have a 6 month one they won't be releasing a different one to me...and hence...I won't be going.  But God's Will!  He knows what is best.

I am also making plans to run a marathon this year.  I found a neat one in New Hampshire that has a lot of down hill, goes along the ocean and finishes with beer!  And then this year they decided to make it into a half marathon there goes that plan.  My sister, her friend and my friend are all planning to run this marathon too so now we need to find another that we can all agree upon.  Once again, God's Will!  If it is meant to be, it will work out.

I went to a good, old-fashioned Epiphany party thrown by a friend for her friends and families' kids yesterday.  Everyone dressed up in costume and put on a nativity play, then her father who played Herod had a change of heart and became santa, handing out gifts to all the kids from Jesus.  The lady who gave the party is one of 12 children and said that this is how they had celebrated Epiphany since she was a little girl.  It was pretty neat and the kids loved it.

We got our first snow of the new year here last night.  It's pretty much gone today but it sure does help with  feeling winter has finally arrived.  Our Christmas was warm and rainy...not the norm for New England!

In searching for a marathon nearby this fall I found one to add to my bucket list: there is a covered bridge half marathon in Vermont that usually sells out within a week of opening (hence closed this year) but looks to be SO beautiful!!  Who really knows what will come next?  My plans are always a loose outline because regardless of what I set my mind to doing, God changes it and usually makes it much much better.  :o)

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